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Thursday, 8 February, 2018

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Thursday, 8 February, 2018

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Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

Travel DealFish Catching TravelI really am excited about today.  Thinking about yesterday has me looking forward to concentrating on those places that are true prespawn places.  Though the jig is working, there will definitely be some jerk baits added to the mix on those channel swings leading into spawning coves.  Not sure what effect the clouds will have but there is only one way to know, Go Fishing!

They were on a long channel bank, in about foot of water.  Again they were close to a small cut/channel with a little deeper water leading to the bank.  After  catching them I put another couple in the boat in the same general area and then it was time to make a big change.  Keeping with only new places I hunted and pecked from up lake all the way to the plant, except I could not make it to the plant.  Points, channels, bands in big coves, I tried all the places I will be catching them in the very near future, it just did not happen today.

You are absolutely correct.  It was after the low water year and then spring flood which brought all the was the beginning.  So now the question If the water level remains irly sle, and I notice it was a little bit clearer the other day, will some of the aquatic grasses come back, or are they gone until brought back in on boats and trailers?  So no way to tell until this spring into the summer.  I have no clue if the seeds/plants/whatever are still there waiting for the right conditions to grow, or is it just gone?  That is a question for biologists, the rest of us will know something as the spring wears on.  So thanks Randy, it reminded me what started it.  It was just the perfect storm.  And thanks for reading my stuff.

I have always loved taking folks when the white bass are going like that, and I especially enjoyed watching Steven catching fish.  Trolling takes care of anyone who is not that great at casting, it gives everyone an equal chance.   In this case a year old boy and a Gulf War vet, both not that experienced, were able to catch a ton, it a great day to be one the water.  And I never boated a fish.  Perfect.

The punch line was after leaving the area uplake where I put in the boat, other than small ones, the rest of the afternoon I did not find any concentration.  But I kept with the plan, but no matter how much I want them to hurry up and move, it is still not quite time.  Thanks to another boat the water temp is degrees at the bridge, and it is definitely colder than that up lake.

It was good to catch the first one of the year, and only throwing the swim bait for minutes when this guy jumped on made me think things were looking up.  The only problem?  This fish is the dreaded Fish Who Tells You Nothing.  I hate these guys, especially when I am doing something different.  For the next hours I fished it deep, slow, shallow, points, and did not have another bite.  As I was doing that I would occasionally pick up the jerk bait, which they were not having.  I was starting to get nervous it was really going to suck.

I know some of the small ponds I fish have houses around them or use them as drainage ponds and alot more grass in the water from them sucking water and maybe going back in with chemicals. Wasnt like that when it was a no house ponds.

As  the day wore on it clouded up and the wind picked up to an easy straight out of the east.  I think that combined with the clouds just never did get them moving.  Normally I am praying for clouds, but we are just not quite there yet.  I had quite a few less bites today, but the ones that hit the jig smoked it.  Of the or so most came bouncing the jig on the bottom and came on the swim jig.  I tried jerkbait, no luck, and another smaller jig which did not produce a bite.  So about I called it a day.  I can live with the results, hope springs eternal, and if it will stay warm, and rain warm, the fishing will pick up quickly.

Best am to amPerfect, though I am not sure it really is relevant to white bass fishing,  They are there or not.

Here is what I found out when I started my search and what the companies I checked with had to offer on aluminum trailers.Note the prices are not specific but close as I can remember.  And most trailers were the same quality within reason.

Swimmin Super Fluke How to fish it on top.

And from Joe, our hard core bass guy, on the same subject.

Shows how out of touch I was while gone.  And after seeing those pictures it is no wonder they closed it.  And unfortunately it looks like we have another round coming this week so lets all hope it does not get as bad as it was.  We shall see Wednesday and Thursday.

I have not fished because I am plumbing.  My buddy Jeffishs dad, Ken, broke his hip skiing, happens to us old guys, and is out of action for a while.  So after being gone a week of course the work piled up, so I am jumping in there to help out until they are caught up or find some real help.  But I actually enjoy working with them, and who would not like a little spending money that I can waste on more fishing stuff.

The day ended as I worked my way to the ramp around catching or more on the way.  I still missed more than I caught as the afternoon ended.    If I had to guess and I will, it was an easy or o, not st by any means.  I definitely missed way more than I caught, but I will fix that tomorrow.  But guess what, I caught a freak today, love it when that happens.

/  Partly cloudy becoming cloudy this afternoon.  Wind E mph.  rain.

It has been a couple of days since I blogged thanks to responsibilities getting in the way.  First I was plumber extraordinaire a few days, really at best a good tool go getter.  Not sure if I will be helping out this week but as long as Ken and Jeffish need the help I will be working.  Ken breaking his hip is a good reminder of how quickly things can change.  And speaking of the getting old thing, sorry Ken, there was another medical issue out there that I had to deal with.

Last month.  That is not a fish, that is a FREAK!

It was an interesting day to say the least.  I was up early and on the water at daylight.  There was a light wind straight out of the east and it was colder than snot.  The lake is clearing some, and while it is not the I prefer, it is definitely better than it was.  To make a long story short I fished down lake, then uplake trying new places, and did not have a bite for hours.  The plan today was to try areas where prespawn fish may be staging.  Other than the place where I caught the big one yesterdaynothingI did not refish anywhere.

The Boss is back in town after her excursion to Minneapolis and Iowa.  She visited with her folks in Iowa but while in Minneapolis she toured Princes house and went downtown to the area where folks are beginning to gather for the Super Bowl.  All she had to say about the weather was it was cold, real cold.

I am actually picking up a new McClain trailer today to replace the ctory one.  The ctory one was poorly designed, though lots of the problems with the design of the boat and trailer have been fixed over the years.  One advantage of the ctory trailer is it is low profile, if you can get the trailer anywhere near the water you can get the boat off.  But since I am not buying a new trailer from them it should tell you something.  But again in their defense, the trailer had a hard life, it has been thousands and thousands of miles on the worst roads, bad ramps, you name it, and I always made it home.

The pictures do not do this girl justice.  It has been a while since I used the net but this was to big a fish to mess with.  Though I do not have a scale I did measure her, /.  You could easily put your fist in her mouth!  And it was actually the last bite of the day.  To finish the afternoon, it was , I hit another couple of deep banks, seems logical, but could not get another bite.  The only thing I learned today is I still do not have a good pattern.  But with warmer weather on the way the prespawn season will begin, and I can not wait.  So happy with a real big girl it was time to put it on the trailer and call it a good day.

How to Fish Croaker Everything You Need to Know to get Started

Im considering buying a mako lts, what do you think about yours? Im downsizing from my JH performance since I quit guiding. Thanks

Thanks.  That is why I said the other day they were either there or on the way, and it sounds like they are moving,  it is so temp sensitive and now is the time.   So if you are a white bass n get over there, with this second moon it wont last long.  Good to hear from you and thanks for keeping in touch.  And the rest of you this is exactly what I hoped the site would be years ago, sharing information that helps us all catch a few fish.  So keep it coming.

Today I took the boat up to McClains to have the boat fitted to the new trailer.  I found Michael and he said drop the boat right there and we will get on it.  Saying it would be about an hour and a half I took off for Cabelas, which would be about right.  While I was there I picked up some free stuff with my points and was headed out the door when he called and said it was done.  When I got back it was on the trailer and ready to roll.  He walked me around it, I forked over the bucks, and I headed to the house.

Goodam to pm.Bestpm to pm.   The best bite was late afternoon the other day.

One of the things I have always liked about doing this is all the fine folks I have met in person and online.  I wanted to take a second and thank Jay for his kind offer in the event I ever make Alabama.  Tons of great bass fishing to go along with big catfish and stripers, Alabama is one of the great fishing states in this country.  So thanks for the offer, it is in the books if I am ever passing through.  Thanks, I wont forget.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

do you have any word on white bass fishing on the Nueces river

I too am looking for a new replacement boat trailer. Can you steer me to someone?

Of course Jeffish and Korbin have caught them with me before, but Steven I dont think had ever caught one.  Before the morning was over he was having a hard time believing what just happened.  My plan was not to fish, just drive and take fish off, and that was a good thing considering it would have been a real hassle at times, like the multiple times we tripled up.

As to where to fish for now. One word for you RIVER, RIVER, RIVER!!!

I hate to hear that last line, but I feel your pain.  The conditions have changed enough that like I said the other day part of the problem may be us.  If it remains the same, and there is no reason to think it wont, we just may have to rethink methods and location.  So as the spring plays out we shall see.  And as r as GBRA being overly concerned, or willing to investigate, it might be like it was all those years I lived on Corp of Engineer lakes, they had a purpose, power generation and flood control and the fishing was not a consideration.  While I am sure GBRA would like the fishing to be good, I am not sure that is a big concern on their part.  But it sure would be nice to have a real study done.  And if any of you have any more ideas lets hear them.

Grand Isle Lousiana A fish catching, crawdad eating, good time

Falcon Lake Texas Where dreams are made.

Obviously in and of themselves, they tell a story. However, you cannot enlarge them to see better detail.

And while we were in Austin a new record was set, one that may never be eclipsed I shopped at Dicks and Cabelas and spent a grand total of .!  The point of mentioning this is it really was a matter of  having everything I need.  To hear that coming out of a fishermans mouth is something.  And that point was further driven home the other day.  Cabelas had Lews reels clearance for and with my points I got for ., a great deal.  As they will be here tomorrow I started looking at rods in the tackle room trying to decide what each reels application will be and on what rod.  First I looked at the rigged, fresh and salt, that I use each trip, and then I looked at the new spare rods sitting behind the rod rack.  Low and behold there are new rods in that pile.  At least in my defense there is not a one that was not bought on clearance.So when I barely spent any money the other day it made me realize You have enough stuff Dude!

Fishing the last out of days has been a good time.  The bass while slow continue to give you a chance at a big fish every day, and that should not change.  Those other bass are hard at it, and today I about got that out of my system, though there will be one more day on the Nueces within the week.  Glad that will be a catch and release trip, those suckers over there are big.  Hard not to get them while the getting is good.  Then I am going to try to start splitting time between the bay and the lake.  Dont want to miss out on big trout time.  IT IS FISHING TIME!  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

So now the good stuff, I can not say enough about dealing with Michael Aguilar and the folks at McClain Trailers.  First, the cost was super competitive, I looked at different trailers before McClain.  While price was a consideration, once I stopped and talked to Michael I was sold.  And the best thing, the trailer was exactly what Michael promised it whould be.  It was built specifically for the boat and looks great.

Not a clue.  But guess what, right after I posted about the whites on Coleto, I did the one thing that the blog is perfect for, I looked up my last trip there.  And then I opened the comments next and saw your question and I have an answer, sort of.  It was absolutely an epic white bass trip there February , .

White bass fishing has been a part of my fishing for years and I look forward to it every year.  Trolling is not part of my normal fishing, but you can put a whoppin on early spring white bass and it is a quick way to locate them.  And if it gets boring,Catching fish can get boring?or you want to do something different, you can cast crankbaits, spoons, or throw jigs after you locate them trolling.  But no matter how you catch them, and there is lots to be said about catching fish for hours, and that is exactly how long it lasted.  Fun day.

And our resident Head banger dropped me a note after I posted the other day about what might be next.

This was one of the main transmission lines where they cross the lake out of the plant and then to Hwy .  No marking, floats or anything on it, and no one around.  When I got home I called Coleto Creek, no answer, then the local rep, no answer, then corporate where a guy did answer and gave me the parks number,  Which I tried twice already. no answer.  The plant did not even answer.  So suffice to say I left a message but never did talk to anyone.  So what in the hell is someone supposed to do if there is any kind of an emergency related to the park, or maybe some mily needs to contact a camper?  Hopefully no one gets hurt running over it, or worse, it is live.  No matter what it is a hazard to navigation.

Dan actually took the words right out of my mouth. I had just looked up the Nueces right before I opened his comment.

I am sure there is but how to do it but I do not have a clue, though I tried with my meager skills.  So sorry, not sure how to enlarge it and sharpen that of photo, I just could not find a way to do it.

Finally about I caught one, then another, and in one stretch I boated , all keepers, in nothing flat.  They all came on the / ounce jig with the Zoom trailer.  As the jig has a rattle on it I have a feeling that helped a little.

Terry is the owner of Trophy Hunters Guide Service on Lake Texoma and as you can see he gets it done. Both monster catfish, and I mean lots, or steady limits of stripers, Terry is a good fisherman and a good guy to boot.  He also does airboat trips on the Red River below the dam and puts the whipping on them there.   Seriously, if you want to catch some fish, Terry is the guy.   The striper trip on the lake would be good for kids or inexperienced fishermen as his boat is big to handle Lake Texoma.  I hope to make it up there myself in the next few weeks.  Seriously, the stuff he puts on Facebook is amazing.

First love the pics, this aint Field and Stream Magazine.  Looks like you had a great trip and there is no better bite than one right out of the blue at the boat, the kind of strike we live for.  I never did get into the kayak thing, but grew up fishing and wading streams and love how intimate the fishing is when on small creeks.  And a couple of those are good fish for a small river, and they always seem spunkier on the crick.Depends on where you grew up.Thanks for sending that along, I love getting other peoples reports.  Fish and where you catch them come on many s and places and it looks like you put it together.  And the rest of you, we all like to read real folks reports so feel free to send one along.

I had hoped to fish a few days and with it being day in a row I can not complain.  The bass fishing while slow as r as numbers go, has produced a good fish or two every day, including my biggest in a long time.  And today the white bass made an appearance, and Sunday I am taking a bunch on a meat haul trip, hope they hold up.  And the crappie fishing should be about to get in to full swing, so will have to break out that rod to hit all the usual suspects.  Like the white bass, once you get them down in early spring, it can be another consistent fishery.  This is my vorite time of year, and the serious fishing will continue.  Hopefully I can drag myself away from the lake next week and get in some wading.  It is big trout time and I need to get with that program.  Tomorrow I get my stuff back together, then back at it Sunday with friends.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Not sure who this was from but the site it came from was casle depth finders.  I always thought they would be good for ponds that you fish regularly.  Just grid them and you are in business.  And I assume it would work for ice fishing.  So hope he gets it done, it actually becomes somewhat addictive if you can get over the hump and write some.  The only advice I would give anyone who wants to have a blog, write, then write some more.  No writing, no blog.  So good luck.

I have had this one for some years now, it was one of the first rigged in Texas.  I love some aspects, and some not so much.  Keep in mind that when I bought this there were several considerations besides fishing salt.  Most importantly I fish lots and lots of fresh water and it is a great little bass boat.  Weight and was a serious consideration considering it is hour tow to the Keys, hours to south Louisiana, hours to north Arkansas, not to mention tows to places like Amistad and Falcon.  And I am considering a late ll muskie trip to Canada this year.  Since the Runner is a V, I am a lifetime Toyota man and have towed with Runners for years, that is always a consideration.  Being a smaller boat it really is a great man boat if you are casting, man if they are good fishermen and careful, and it runs fine with in it, though that is a load.  And with the OptimaxI chose the Opti because I had a couple of strokes that came apart and this thing after hundreds of hours has equal compression and runs like a top.and the big gas tank it has a huge range.  As an example I van just about fish days say on a trip and not have to visit the gas pump.  Love that!  And it trolls like a dream, great for me days every spring.  Now it come with a hp which I am sure speeds it up a bunch.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

This girl was just shy of and almost that big around!

I am getting real bored sitting in the house, time to get back to it.

The last couple of hours jumped on the bluegill looking swim jig.  Like the few I caught last trip they wanted it reeled off the bank and then hopped up and letting it ll as I took up the slack.  The ones that bit hit it pretty good.  I might have had bites straight reeling it, the rest seemed to be following it with the water so cold, and hopping it at the perfect time, whatever that was, would generate a bite.  It was not st by any means, then I started my with a bang!

So im not one for taking pictures cuz a bass looks like a bass unless its a FATTY !!! But yesterday was a good day on a little creek we have in san Antonio.

This morning will be back to helping my buddies.  Ken is a remarkable recovery and is moving around ntastic for being weeks post op.  So I will keep helping them until they find some real help.  But all you have to do is take a look at the weather this week to see it is going to flat suck here starting later tonight.   Around midnight the wind will howl and here will come sleet, freezing rain, and then cold weather wet weather for the next days.  So stay bundled up and keep stopping in.  Thanks for reading my stuff.

Since you had a JH the one piece of advice I would give you is absolutely find a way to take a ride in one before you even think about plucking down the bucks, you will see/feel the difference.  But I bet with the hp it hauls butt.  If you are ever in the Victoria area drop me a note and I would be happy to give you a ride, lake or bay.  So if it seems I am wishywashy about you buying one, it is tough to give that kind of recommendation.   In the end it is a great multi use boat, including taking the kids tubing, and the upfront costs are not as high as some of this of boats have become.  It has served me well and it says a lot that I didnt sell it when stuff started breaking and wearing out.  So good luck in your search and we would love to hear what you finally decide.

This post was looking like it was going to be a long one if I added the next fishing report so I decided to post it today.  Getting the trailer had been in the works awhile and it is good to finally get that taken care of.

Im not sure, but I think somebody said something about the.RIVER!!!

The swim jig sank to the bottom while I was getting a small backlash out and when I hopped it up and started reeling one smacked it.  Huh, maybe I should try that some more. After an hour fishing it that way, I went maybe for , I changed as the rod I was using was to light as was the swim jig.  So out came the jig rod and a / ounce br/bl/ch round head jig with a green Zoom craw.  After catching a couple more by hopping and dropping it, they still were not amounting to much wise.  Then I tossed it by a bush, hopped it twice, and she smoked it.  You can usually tell when one like that hits it if the minute it reaches the top of the hop, the line jumps to total slack.  I didnt mess it up, lipped her, quick pics, and the watched her swim away.

As r as a bass boat, which I assume you are talking about, all these were aluminum saltwater trailers with stainless rigging.  I have a feeling that a bass boat trailer is a little cheaper but not sure.  I do know no matter the trailer I sure do like the year no maintenance hubs and torsion bar axles.  Not sure which direction you are heading, but no matter what it sure is nice to put a new trailer under the boat.  Good to hear from you.

And while I am thinking about getting ready it is time to do a complete walk around of the boat and trailer.  Looking for those little things that have been hanging around causing trouble, this switch, that light, bearings, tire pressure, etc. that need to be dealt with.  There is always something, and now is the time to get ready.  Who wants trouble that could be avoided by a little maintenance to rear its ugly head when the fishing is hot, or leave you on the side of the road.  And one last word on that, whether you use Sea Tow or Tow Boat USA there is a certain comfort in knowing that if all else ils someone will come to help if disaster strikes.  And having the towing package when you tow the number of miles I do is worth every penny.  I have never used the service but it is nice to know they are out there.

All the Memories Never forget the ones who got you there.

Coastline Seadrift    .  That was using my wheels and tires.Just put new with spare on the old trailer.So you can add an easy to that quote for a complete ready to go.

The plan today with the obvious lling water temp was to stick with baits, a jerk bait, a big swim bait, and the old standby, the swim jig.  First up was a deep channel bank in the plant arm with the jerk bait.  After an hour with no bites, disaster struck.  I picked up the swim bait.

I said in my last blog that it should be a white bass killin this morning, and it was.  It was a little cool and the wind was blowing about mph out of the north as we headed up lake.  There were a few folks out, but no one up lake where I have been catching them.

It was good to be back on the water.  One thing I will say about the h Merc on the Skiff is it is a strong running motor.  Touch the key and off you go, not bad for the last of the carbureted strokes.  Hope it lasts.  And the new trailer  for the LTS is being made as I write this.  It will probably be weeks give or take a week, but it is needed.  Plus the Boss has banned me from a long trip until the trailer is under the boat, so the clock is ticking.

An ethereal whispering coming through the mist.river, river, river.

It was almost degrees and flat calm as I headed up lake.  It drizzled off and on all day, and that was how long I fished.  Immediately I caught one on a jerk bait, which is either a bad thing or a good thing.  Fishing the rest of that bank without success I turned around and refished it with the /oz jig and craw trailer and caught more.  One thing has become real apparent, most of the jig fish are shallow, coming in the first couple of hops.  And though I caught several on jerk bait, the jig is still producing the good fish.  I kept with it the rest of the morning, catching a couple here, one there, just enough to keep it interesting.  At least there is a legitimate shot at a good one every day.

Here is a little side story illustrating how incompetent the Katy store riggers were.  We had it rigged with a volt tm and had continued problems with it shutting off.  We even took the boat back to them and had it checked out twice, and they said the tm was just fine.Turned out to be true, sort of.Got it back and had a tourney days later so I went to practice and it started shutting off first time out.  I called them and raised hell so they actually sent a guy to Victoria with a new one to replace the almost new one.  But it kept happening so I called Minnkota while I was on the lake a week later and they said check the breaker.  Bass Pro did not even read the manual when they mounted it.  It was one of the few Minnkotas that need a amp not a amp breaker, which was why it kept shutting off.  So after allegedly checking it out twice at the store, and yes the tm was fine, and then driving to my house and giving me a new one, including replacing the front plug, to shut me up, it was simply the wrong breaker.  You would hope the riggers might  actually read the directions on anything they install!

The advantage of starting as r up the river as you can get is sooner or later you will find some.  And if you keep after it a time or two a big day is usually possible.  A perfect example was my trip to the Nueces last year.  As soon as they were going good over here I drove there, totally clueless, in ct I had to look it up on the map.  Then I practiced what I preach and absolutely clobbered them.  Catching white bass is not rocket science, it is a timing thing, and now is the time.  And speaking of the Nueces I got this timely question from Dan.

Right at daylight and right at dark.Periods do not seem so relevant this time of year.

in writing this site. I am hoping to see the same highgrade content by you later on as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own website now.

Your comment made me laugh.  Funny how at times I am just to lazy to fix a problem.  And even lazier, the Garmin has the transducer with temp gauge mounted in the hull, so basically all I would have to do is mount the transducer on the outside of the hull, not that big a deal.  Really I have been just waiting around until I find a cheap GPSMaybe the new cheap Lowrance.for the console, then will move the Garmin to the front.  And you are so right about patterning them this time of year.  I guess I have fished it enough that a quick check of a couple back ends tells me if they are headed that way.  Lets see how it works out today, but it is time to get out the Mako and act like a real fisherman.  Good to hear from you.

And I heard from my buddy Clyde who lives in northern Iowa and is getting his fishing in through the ice.

I was going again tomorrow but my new trailer is done.  That involves taking the boat to Houston and letting them finalize the fit, then towing it home.  Then I will either turn around Saturday or Monday and head back up there to pick up the old trailer.  A little bit of a hassle, but it sure will be nice to have a new trailer under the skiff.

One hit with inches of line out coming back to the kayakso ft rod inchesAlmost crapped my pants !!!

Today it will be licensing the trailer and getting a few things tweaked on it then back in action.  Time to sit down and look at the weather and make a plan for the next trip, which is going to be Amistad or Falcon.  That is always a tough choice for me, fishing Amistad is just like fishing Norfork and Bull Shoals in Arkansas where I did my guiding and it rarely dissapoints.  And of course Falcon is the place dreams are made, and where I caught what at the time was my personal bests in days.  Additionally I will be watching the Corpus weather looking for the perfect couple of days to try and catch a big trout.  It feels good to have the trailer issue resolved and it is time to get my monies worth.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

I finally relented and got my eyes checked and the left had a cataract, no surprise.  So surgery is scheduled for weeks from now and I could not be more excited, when it is done I could potentially not need glasses full time as I got the other eye done a couple of years ago.  For that little boy who got his first pair in grade that is something he could never imagine.  And besides, having it done by a great fisherman makes it all the better.  Not only is Dr. Ro a good fisherman, he is a top surgeon and a great photographer.  His bird photography is awesome, and most of his fishing trips result in great pictures.  And after last year months down.I intend to make that it for medical this year.  It is heck getting old but I intend to avoid the rest of the medical community like the plague.Other than the Boss.

/   Sunny.  Wind NNW mph.  chance of rain.There is a little cold front blowing through tonight.

I did take this weather break and spent some time putting all new line on, adding new Lews reels to the arsenal, and generally getting ready for the fishing to come.  It really is important to take time occasionally to go through the whole mess, rods and reels, line, baits, wading equipment, all that stuff we can not live without, and get it organized.  It really is funny when you find something you forgot you had, or maybe have not used in while.  There is no downside to keeping organized, and once you get on the water that preparation will not only make the day more pleasurable, it can add to your fishing success.

There are a few complaints, some which they have fixed on the boat, some that came with buying from Bass Pro.  I got this one at the Katy store and I would not let them rig a canoe.  Completely incompetent rigging, the whole experience with them sucked in that respect, but at least it was their first and many of the issues we had have been addressed on the new boats.   And the lay out, it is a tough boat to do things like change trolling motor batteries or do other work under the console.  It is way to cramped, stuff is crammed in there, and nothing, and I mean nothing is all that to work on.  So take a good look under the console before you buy and think, What would I have to do to fix X?  With most of the rigging below the floor that is not particularly helpful either.  The only thing I have to say about the live well, is they should have dropped the live.  I built a live bait tank if that tells you anything.  And do not even think that the storage is anywhere close to dry.  Stuff gets wet all the time in any of the boxes, as I this all the life jackets and other stuff out of the boxes are hanging on the fence drying.

There is a search box on the right side of the front and you can look stuff up by month for the last years.  I always look back at the beginning of each month to see what I did in the same month for years.  Trust me that is a great research tool and looking back on things gives me the ability to save a little time.

Thanks to all you folks who keep reading and participating.  It was slow this month, but business is picking up.  And comments, reports, or suggestions are appreciated so if you have something to say send it along.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Today. mslFriday. mslIt has been a very slow steady drop.

It was good to hear fromfishfearlarry, a long time reader.

Now that the new trailer is almost under the boat I will be back to fishing r and wide.  I definitely will be heading to the Upper Laguna next week for a couple of days as long as the wind is right.  And either Falcon or Amistad is on the list.  Falcon should be in full swing as it warms and according to a post there are fish headed to the beds.

Before I get to anything look at this freak.  I have no scale, and dont generally weigh or even measure fish, but this thing is in my top lifetime, and that is only because the others did get weighed and it would only be a guess on this one.  But who cares, look at the freakin body on that girl.

I missed the trailer guys call yesterday, all I know was that mine was done.  So up this morning and ready to hit Houston but when I spoke with them it was going to be Monday before they could do the final fitting.  So with that change I hooked up the Mako and headed to the lake for the third day in a row.

How to fish a spinnerbait Waking a spinnerbait.

McClain  Houston .  Does not include spare.  Will have to take the boat there for the final fitting when done and have a friend drive to take the old trailer home.  I did ask them about a galvanized and was surprised to know that they are actually more expensive due to the cost of steel.  I am real happy with the galvanized under the skiff, but in the past I had a galvanized frame break not at a weld but on the actual frame doing mph on I on my way to Florida.  That was fun and could have been deadly.  So I went with McClain, they have been building trailers for years.  The only downside is if something goes wrong it is back to Houston and not Seadrift.  It should be here in a couple of weeks and will let you know what I think.  The Coastline and one at Edna were fine trailers, I just decided price was the most important, and if the engine lasts more years like the new trailer should that boat will belong to someone else by then.

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Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

Muskie Bay Resort Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada

Best I could manage today, I will spare you the others.

And last I got a great book from my buddy Chris,American Seafoodby Barton Seaver.  It is the history, culture, and cookery of seafood.  It is so interesting and every is full of cool pictures and information on the history of commercial fishing and has a catalog of different species.  Every time I pick it up I learn something cool.  I could not recommend it more highly if you love history or want to learn, and cook, seafood.  So thanks Chris, I am actually reading it!

Second, when I ordered it Michael said weeks, and guess what?  It was done in a little over weeks.  Dealing with boat stuff for decades things rarely gets done early, in this case it actually happened and was done correctly.  But more importantly was what I saw when the boat was sitting next to the old trailer.  Yikes.  There was a big visible difference in material, hardware, and workmanship.  And I love how the warranty on the axle can be extended to years for a small fee, and in my case the extended warranty is a must.  So the only thing left to see is how it survives me, the Boss has green lighted long trips now that I have replaced the old one with a real one.  The whole experience was great and I can not recommend them more highly.  Thanks Michael, it was a pleasure.

Today. msl days ago. mslUp a tick, keeping irly sle.

Later in the afternoon it laid just a little so I headed down lake and tossed the big swim bait and the Alabama Rig,  Again a small one jumped on the swim bait irly quickly, and then not another bite.  Still not sure what that is all about.  So at I called it a day.  I fished up the river, main lake coves, points, all without success.  But no problem, it was no surprise it was tough.  Reminded me of those day when I was guiding or fishing a tournament, definitely a put on your big boy pants day.  And the best thing was I had a good time.

Back to the firing thing.  I ended up working a couple of days this week and then I got the axe.  For some reason he hired a guy with a clue, who is half my age, and has years experience.  What kind of best friend is that?Just kidding!But seriously I was happily back on the water and then landed one of my biggest bass ever.

Best pm to pm.Good am to am.

I stayed with the swim jig for the next hours, and had a total of bites, and missed .  One felt like a crappie, the other I had such a big bow from the wind that by time I set the hook it was gone.  The wind was blowing everywhere, around every corner, and it was a pain in the a.  The fish I did catch did not want it hopped, the only bites came on a slow steady retrieve.  The front clearly had them not interested in anything I was feeding them.  Plus it was blowing right down the lake and it was hard to fish slow enough where I wanted to fish.  One of those fish where you can and not where you want.

The weather looks great next week and I will be hard at it.  The Boss is on her rotation and I am basically a free man this week.  So this weekend I will be doing the total check of all my stuff, just get organized for the spring fishing to come.  And with the tackle room a complete mess and a couple of dirty boats it is time to get organized.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

Jeffish, Korbin, and Steven.  The said they wanted some fish, so here you go.

As r as baits a jig on light line is great for the really shallow areas.  Small tubes on /th heads or a / or / marabou jig, nothing ncy.  They like a hop and drop method and almost always hit it on the ll. .  If you are more of a lure guy shallow running shad imitations and small jerk baits also work well.  One thing about the jerk bait bite is it definitely catches the bigger whites and they smack it.  And if you find them in feet or more trolling is the easy way to load the boat.  If you troll keep it from /mph until you find the speed, depth, and bait they want.

The Boss did a night shift so when she got home I got up at and got this ready for later.  She is headed to Minneapolis today, where it is a balmy degrees below zero, or something crazy like that, with a foot of snow.  So nothing left for me to do but go fishing.  After today where next will be determined by how it goes.  Next weeks weather also looks pretty good and I expect the lake bite to only get better.  And dont worry you salt natics, the bay is on the list.

It was definitely a lake day, if it was any day to fish.  After a couple of really warm days a cold front rolled through and when I got to the ramp it was blowing a steady cold out of the north, and it basically stayed that way all day.  The compass on the console read almost dead north when you were right into the wind, and it was cool.  There were white caps on the main lake, and way up lake.  With the prime period mid morning I headed straight to the place I got the big girl the other day, getting there about .

I tried to get her tofit in the picture.  This was one solid fish!

Randy sent this comment along and it added something I forgot the other day talking about the water and changes on Coleto.

All the same year class there were lots of them.  Good eaters, there is a killing coming Sunday.

Nueces river are producing white bass. A couple of guys that are in my Facebook groups have guide trips running down there for a person. And they are posting pictures.

First the water is at least one result of being without the grass to filter the water.  Unfortunately this may be it for a while.  We have had a gully washer or two, but again, not enough to kill grass over a whole lake, unless there is a reason.  They are building a lot more homes on the way upper end, there is another great big area being cleared right now, and I mean right down to the water.  Run off?  Maybe it is just the grass losing a foothold, but that seems impossible.  Responsible, who knows?  They did kill the grass in a coves a few years ago, but nothing like the whole lake.

Twin Lakes of the Ozarks Mountain Home Arkansas.

But the real purpose of this post is the following picture.  It was sent to me from the Boss who got it from a friend at work who knows a guy.One of those deals.This is nuts!

Enough of the bad stuff, I can have a new boat if I want one and seriously considering doing so, but I am happy to keep the LTS, it suits my needs just fine.  So first a new trailer, then new trolling motor, and finally upholstery and it will be good to go.  It has fished literally hundreds of times and I readily admit I am hard on stuff but it still has some good years left.  So would I recommend it to you, that is a tricky question, not knowing what you do and what you want to do.  Of course price is a consideration, but with that comes a little less boat.  They have to get the savings somewhere.  So I guess the final answer to your question is I can have any boat I want and I am sticking with the LTS.  And thinking about it, as long as I fish salt and fresh water, from big water to creeks, if I was looking at buying a new boat it would be first on the list until proven otherwise.  The multi use thing is important to my of fishing.

This morning I am meeting Jeffish, his son Korbin, and their friend Steven at Coleto for a little white bass trolling.  Reminds me of guiding in the old days, taking a bunch out for white bass.  So the goal is to sack enough for a couple of fish fries, and just having a good time with friends.  It has the potential to be a pretty good day and I am looking forward to it.  The only problem When it goes well they dont clean themselves.  But if that is the only problem we have today it will be a great day.

Then tomorrow it is off to Houston to pick up the new trailer.  Excited about that, but not excited about having to drive back and get the old trailer.  Guess I will convince the Boss we can double up, spend a night or in Houston for entertainment, then pick up the trailer on the way home.  The coffee is done and the boat is loaded so out the door I go.

Speaking of boat stuff I got this very interesting and complicated question from Gary.  I really had to think about it for a while and what should have been a short answer ended up being a dissertation.

I waited until before I headed out, it was sunny with a brisk mph wind straight out of the north.It slowly turned around to a slight SE, which can only help things.The lake is clearing some, so it was up lake and the swim jig.  On days like today I look for the calmest bank I can find with the sun beating down on it, that has historically been a good pattern this time of year no matter where you are.  Even though the skiff has no temp gauge, this time of year it is a no brainer when the day is brisk and cool.  I prefer rock but mud will do as long as that sun beating down on it with little wind, and keep a sharp eye out for shad flipping, a major tell.

And speaking of the weather after seeing that huge die off from Pringle, the effects of the freezing weather on the bay remains to be seen.  After a couple of years of good fishing, with a definite increase in bigger trout, who knows what is to come.  There have been some really big trout caught in the upper Laguna Madre and Baffin and that is also about to take off for really big spring fish.  With a government shut down looming I was worried that PINS would be closed along with access to Bird Island, but according to a government spokesman the parks will not be closed this time if there is a shutdown.  There will be reduction in some services but if he was correct the ramp should be open.  And just like bass, some of the biggest trout of the year are caught in February.  So watch for a warm day with light wind and cloud cover and you could boat the biggest trout of your life.

That gets a few things off my chest on this rainy day.  Time off the water is nice to recharge, but that is enough of that.  I am going fishing, and with the Boss out of town some next week I have no excuse.  So the next couple of days will be watching the following weather  Corpus, Falcon, Amistad, Lake Texoma, not to mention the usual places.  Time to wave winter goodbye, let the spring fishing begin.  Keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

While you were gone up north TPWD Temporary Fishing Closure in Place on Texas Coast during Freeze.

The original plan this week was to head to Falcon, but my buddy Jeffish still needed some help so I filled in and did not fish until today.  The weather forecast was perfect, the kind of January day with a good chance of catching a big one.  So no Falcon, but saved myself a hour drive and still managed to catch the big one you drive to Falcon for.  But no matter what after a slow couple of weeks it was good to be back on the water.

At this point, after staying down lake and fishing deeper for a good hours, it was time to head up lake and see what it was like.  The Skiff does not have a temp gauge. so while I couldnt tell you the temp, sticking your hand in the water it was cold everywhere.

A big one from the Nueces last year, should wet your appetite, does mine.

Around that time the upper end started to gets some pretty good rafts of hyacinth, and there was lots of pads.  Slowly everything died.  Think about it, the hyacinth died, almost everywhere that gets it can not get rid of it and ours literally rotted and died.  There were a few patched of aquatic grass here and there that summer years ago but it was definitely not green and slowly it all disappeared.  So here is the big question Why?

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Though I am still only catching bass a trip, a couple of these makes up for it.

I think the grass died when the lake was low, and the water has been too stained

I try to put just enough pictures when I post to give the reader a good idea about how it went.  There are pictures, but then there are pictures.  I had the pleasure to fish a day at POC with Terry last ll and have kept in touch ever since.  All I have to say is the boy can put them in the boat.

There are several things to take away from today.  Slow, then slower.  Find the warmest water possible.  And I think a smaller jig and trailer might result in a higher hook up percentage.  So tomorrow I will down just a touch and keep fishing those areas that are close to the best spawning areas.  Look for some to start their way into some of the bigger coves, using whatever channel they can to get there.  Spring is coming and the fish are not that r away, early prespawn is here, and with it a great time to boat a big one.  And after today I did not bother to unhitch the boat, and with the Boss headed to the north country it will be fish until you drop the next few days.  Let the spring fishing begin.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

I really like watching Major League Fishing,  you quickly learn that pros have bad days just like we do.  They do not always smash them as you often see on the show.  Occasionally some of the best fishermen in the world have it tough at the same time that other folks are knocking them stupid.  One thing I have learned at cleaning les and tournaments over the years, anybody can have a bad day.

Everyone caught a bunch today and at noon it was time to at least get a ir count and get them cleaned.  So Korbin held the net and we started counting, when we had in the net there were still an easy it was definitely time to call it a morning.   A short trip to the ramp, a half hour of cleaning, and a successful day was complete.

Monday it looks like we could be in the s with rain, just what the doctor ordered.  Time to start looking for that perfect storm.  Once lake waters cool in the winter there is a period where a good rain in the degrees will start pulling bass from the deep points and channels where they are staging for the prespawn.  You can often find them way back in the big spawning coves and creeks after a good warm rain, often with white bass, cats, crappie, and anything else that swims in your lake.  In ct on Coleto as soon as I start catching catfish on lures in the back end of those places it is on, and it happens every year. It is as as just idling back in those places looking for a big water temp change.  Find that and you can find some real concentrations of fish, spring what it is.  It is often then as as just jumping back end to back end.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

Sanibel Island Travel Fun for the mily and the fisherman.

Beautiful bass! I have to pick on you a bit so what would it cost you to put a temperature gauge on the skiff? You speak of water temperature often in your articles. I would think that would be a very useful tool in patterning bass. Especially during prespawn/spawn time When the water temp plays a major part of their decision to move up? BOAT.. Break out another. I enjoy your blog and look forward to each new post!

And speaking of Houston the fishing show is coming up February March .  I love the show and like the rest of you occasionally drop a buck or two while I am there.  I am looking forward to what My Coast Outdoors, the makers of Controlled Descent Lures, and Wade Right have in the works this year.  If I hear anything early I will let you know.  Besides both of them good stuff they are mily owned Texas operations and the small guys deserve our support.

I can tell you that if you are downsizing from the JH Performance you will notice a big difference.  When it is super rough on the bay the LTS has its limitations.  There are days when that long run is just a little to much for the boatOr me.and you can take a pounding, been there done that.  It does not have the solid feel of your JH or a Majek, again a compromise with a lighter boat.  And another thing, it is not near as shallow a runner as they say it is.  It is not a real tunnel and consequently will not run as shallow as a  lot of the other boats I haved fish in, which depending on your would be a big difference if you are used to really running shallow.  When I fish out of my buddy Chriss Dargel we go places the LTS just can not go.  Now we did not get a jack plate, and I know it would help some, how much is the question.  But my days of just jamming like a mad man are over, so running really shallow is not a consideration since I spend most of my time now on the bay shoreline wading.  To give you a practical example there are lots of days and tides where running into Pringle aint happening while other folks make it.  Mine runs just fine at rpm at mph, top end with the hp is probably mph with me wide open, at best.  Right after we bought it the saleswoman actually called while we were fishing and had a couple of guys in the room considering one and she said You get mph dont you?  At which point we had to hurt the sales pitch as high s with a light load is the of it.  But since speed is not a real issue with me that part is fine.

Topwater Bass Fishing Basics getting started.

/  Cloudy then clearing later in the day.  Wind N mph.  chance of rain.

More and more on the internet you see companies looking for pros or reps for their products.  Many are nothing more than a discount program available to just about anybody.  Some seem to be really nothing more than giving folks a chance to buy stuff at wholesale.Think about it, whether they make a sale to a wholesaler or a rep is all the same to them.Now there is nothing wrong with that, especially if you fish a lot.  So when one came up for a rod company I dropped them a line and of course got an immediate response.Canned of course.And here was their offer To be a rep you had to buy at least rods at a discount, a good deal, but there was a catch You had to use their  rods exclusively!  Since they primarily made bass rods, of course some would be useful for saltwater, their offer is hard to justify if you fish lots of species in lots of places.  I dont know about you, but having a exclusive use agreement when they do not make rods for most s of fishing seems pretty one sided.  This was one of those save your money deals, just buy the rods you like on sale they will not cost any more, you just wont get the ncy decal.

One thing I wanted to check today was the white bass.  So I took the LTS instead of the skiff and it was interesting to see the water temp.  It was in the ramp cove, in front of the big intake cove, at the bridge, and way up.  So being warm enough there should be some white bass in the river so around I put on a small crank bait and caught one on my first cast in foot of water.  Then another, and another.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

Do you think the game wardens or the folks at Coleto entry find out an answer to the water clarity/Grass question. Water biologist? Gotta be someone.

And there was a cosmic suggestion from the resident Head Banger.

Is there any way you can repost the pictures or put them up in a different format?

So while I do not have any new info, trust me, I will be headed that way in the next week or two.Since I wrote this a couple of Cool reports both had slow fishing.  But that was last week and trust me, they are there or will be any minute.Give it a couple of days of sunshine and look out.  So get em while they are hot, I plan to.  Good to hear from you.

And I am ing about our cold weather.  All of these tasty morsels came through the ice.  He sent along a picture of some big bluegills too but unfortunately I can not get it to load.  Suffice to say there will be a fish fry at the Burchard house.  One thing about us fishermen, we do what we gotta do to get on the water.  Thanks for the pics.

Over the first couple of hours with the swim jig I went for on bites.  They were nipping at it, eating at the claws, just not taking it.  The best areas were flats with cuts leading into them and a couple came from shallow indentations on deeper banks.   None were worth a hoot but getting bites I kept at it and then luck and experience came together.

It is as I finish this report.  It is clear and cool and the wind is not supposed to be calm all day so since I have all the bass stuff in the boat I am simply going to walk out, start the truck, and head back to the lake.  Nice to be able to fish where I want today.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

I got everyone with a crankbait that ran about ft deep, spread them out, kept it at .mph and off we went.  It might have taken minutes, maybe, and from then on it was consistent for the next hours.  Lots of doubles and triples, everyone was having some serious fun.  They were not big, but of the hundred, and I mean the over a hundred we boated, all but a few did not measure.  Many times they would nip the bait, miss it and when the boys got the hang of tricking them by pulling or jerking and then stopping it, everyone was laughing and having a great time.  And occasionally Korbin would be messing around and sit his rod down, lucky it did not launch several times.  It was just mayhem.

missed. of the missed hit my crawfish times casts, the last i set the hook and it came back empty. Must have had it by the pinchersEnjoy the pics.

Friday it was off to Austin to get our eyes checked.  The Boss came out just fine, but she still needs new glasses becausewho could possibly be caught dead in last years glasses?I on the other hand have a cataract on my left eye.  I did not need an exam to know that as I have not seen squat clearly out of that eye for over a year.  Having worn glasses since the grade I have never been able to see much so I just let it slide until it is just got to bad.  The right one got fixed years ago and is great so I am actually excited about being able to see, maybe without glasses or just readers, for the first time in my life.  Hope to get that done in the next couple of weeks.

Have you figured out who these fishermen or biologists are, in the trout kill photo taken in Pringle Lake?

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

Ya think Billy might want to fish the river?  The real problem this time of year as the serious fishing begins, to many good bites, to many good fish, in way to many places.  For me it is just sure to take advantage of certain things when they happen, in other words today.  Good to hear from you, and as usual your comments make me laugh.

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

And Billy sent along this question and it is a good one.

So there is your final nonanswer.  I really do not have a clue, but things have changed.  The good news, there are still plenty of good fish, and there is always a chance to catch a big girl every trip.See last trip.The fishing is justdifferent.  If anyone else wants to put in their cents worth, chime in.  To really have a good answer is above my pay grade.  But thanks for the question, I have been thinking about it regularly just did not know what to say, and obviously still dont.

I have not clue who these folks are, but it is apparently a guide from the POC area and these trout were picked up in Pringle after the freeze.  This is incredible.  They were literally picked up dead.  It really gives you an idea what even a couple of days can do when well below freezing.  I have no doubt as to the time and place and simply wanted to show you what can happen in a freeze.

I was happy to catch a fish, for a little bit.

Indianola Texas Access to the Powderhorn Lake and Lavaca Bay.

Fishing, travel, and techniques for catching fish.

Mako    .  I contacted them first, you know, the original trailer for the boat, mass produced, should be perfect right?  Way to high as the original under the boat only lasted years.But with the number of miles on mine that is not surprising.  I was really surprised that they did not have one that could be shipped and ready to go in nothing flat.  While I love my boat, my experience in dealing with the Bass Pro Katy store over the years has been less than satisfying and I would not buy a boat from them again.  Poor customer service, poor rigging, it may have simply been that store.

I was going fishing, then I wasnt going fishing, then I woke up, and I was going fishing again.  What happened is my buddy Jeffish, who works as a plumber with his dad, came by to tell me his dad, Ken, broke his hip on the slopes.  So if he needed some help I was willing and then he found some real help and I was off to the lake.

I would like to thank you for the efforts you have put

Fishing Season is coming so get the best wading belt on the planet.

What really got me thinking about that was a post from Falcon Lake Tackle with pictures of some really big fish taken in the last week, and the report says things are heading to full prespawn.  Even though I caught personal bests on my first trip there, Falcon had a few years of decline but looks like it is on the comeback and about to have some of that mous spring fishing it is known for.  And as Falcon goes in the south, so it moves north as February wears on.  This is the time to catch the biggest bass of the year and I am trying to figure out just when I can get to either Falcon or Amistad asap.I am still waiting on my new trailer before I go very r on orders from the Boss, the voice of reason.  It is taking a lot of self control to not call and ask how it is going, but that never helps.  I just need to take a breath.Spring is coming and with it some of the best fishing of the year.

How to catch redfish on the Strike King Redfish Magic.

It was about noon when the boat slid off the trailer.  Air temp was degrees and the wind was about mph out of the east, and the lake was dead calm.  The water still sucks, but at least up lake it looked like it might be thinking about clearing a little.

After a while I started trolling and it was a periods of mayhem.  Though not all that big, they never are on Coleto, they were willing with lots of doubles.  It was simply a matter of finding the right speed, which was mph, and then any shad imitation that ran about foot deep.  After a while I was ripping the baits forward on occasion, and they would smack it.  I ended up trolling until I quit at because the fish just kept biting.  I kept saying, Last pass and it never came until I quit.  Most were in foot deep, and would react on turns and jerking it.  Otherwise just keep it in the water and hold on.

And last on a nonfishing note I am excited about something else this week.  It is time to send in the application for a cow elk hunt in New Mexico.  I am applying on the reservation for all hunts and maybe I will draw.  I believe it is the only way to get a cow permit for a nonresident.  Trophy hunting is clearly not my thing, but meat eating sure is, so if I am lucky I will get one.  Not only will it be cool to shoot an elk, it will be great to spend some time in the mountains.  It can be a doityourself hunt, but since an elk hunter I aint, it will be a guided trip.  It has been years since I hunted but this is one of those bucket list things.  Funny how the bucket list is a living breathing thing and seems to have no end to it.

And I got comments from Billy and Joe on the dead trout picture the other day. Billys first

Kresta Edna   .  That was lock stock and barrel with the works ready to go.  Nice trailer, like all of these custom made.  This included spare and mount.

And the occasional largemouth jumped on, we caught or so to boot, and made the cooler.  are for the Boss when she gets home, she loves eating bass.  We made no attempt to keep count, just measured and in the cooler.  We finally started throwing them back if they were not obvious keepers, and it was time to think about calling it a day.  My plan was to stop fishing when the cooler was full, and the timing was perfect.

Does anybody remember when the lake was low, about years ago. You could not use the boat docks and they had to dredge the ramp on the left side because it was

My initial answer is I do not have a clue.  But there was definitely a slow enough steady decline that it was easy to track.  It really started about springs ago, if you remember we had a small flood.  It left the lake off from that point on.  Then the aquatic grasses did not show in any great amount that summer.  I spoke with the guy who just retired from Coleto that summer and he said that once it got that off the light did not penetrate and that was why there was a loss of grass.  Instead of deep grass, mats, edges, pads, the lake had it all, and the was almost always clear, real clear at times.

I realized after reading yesterdays post nothing was said about how to find early spring white bass no matter where you are.  After catching them in different states and on different s of water, there is one thing you can take away from that Put your boat in at the furthest ramp up the lake on just about any lake in the country when the water temp hits degrees.  From that point head up the river or a big major creek and drive until you have to idle because it is to shallow to run.  Start there and fish your way back down.   Pay special attention to any shoals, especially if they have feet of water, and watch for sandy banks with the sun beating down on them.   I am assuming, correct me if I am wrong, they are actually spawning there.

And one final note.  After owning lots of bass boats I would never replace a trailer with a standard bass boat trailer.  I can see no downside to going to a saltwater trailer.  No way it wont last longer.  Just a thought.

Not a clue, though the picture is the rounds on social media.  One comment I thought was right on was, Why are they smiling?  So true, seeing the picture in a bigger format than I had was sad.  That was a pile of big breeders, it cant help but have some effect.  Appreciate you commenting.

I miss the clearer water at that lake. Thats why I havent really rushed back due to some dismal fishing trips there.

Today. mslI//. mslStill on a super slow decline, but it has helped the water some.

/  Cloudy becoming partly cloudy as the day wears on.  Wind ESE .  chance of rain.

And speaking of freeze the next few days are going to be ugly.  The wind is expected to blow up to mph all night and drop to freezing, then another colder night with the temp expected to drop into the s.  Hopefully it will not be as bad as it was but only time will tell.  So back to work I go, definitely not fishing weather for the next few days.  Not sure how many days I will be working but trust me, I will figure a way to get back on the water.  So keep stopping in and thanks for reading my stuff.

On a serious note, how is it that Coleto has not cleared up? We have not had enough rain at any time in a very long time to make the creek rise.

Belize A great place to travel, and the fishing is awesome.

Hopefully this stretch of weather has not been to hard on you or the fish here in South Texas.  And as I write this it is actually thundering outside, weird after days of flat freezing cold weather.   We finally reached degrees today, and it looks like it will stay that way from now on, if we are lucky.  To bad the last bit of rain we had was cold, but looks like the end is near.

read your stuff almost every day. I find it really interesting and helpful.

There are some real appreciative effects.  The bass spend a whole lot more time on wood than they used to.  It has become a real pattern when the fish are up.  But it is clear that the fish do not spend near as much time shallow as they used to.  It may require some changes of tactics on my part.  No coots in the winter.  For years I cussed them as they tore up the grass, and were often right where I wanted to fish.  Now with no grass there are very few, but this year there are more other ducks than I have ever seen.

And last it was good to hear from Rusty, one of my most loyal and long term readers.

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