Could Travel Deal Tuesday mean bigger aire deals than Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Thursday, 8 February, 2018

Aire sales Tuesday are expected to start around a.m. and peak around a.m. Eastern time but will continue throughout the day.

Youre more likely to find the best aire deals on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving than onBlack FridayorCyber Monday, according to aire price predictor app Hopper.

Hopper boasts that its app tells you with accuracy when to buy and when to fly to get the best deal. You can purchase tickets with the app too.

Could Travel Deal Tuesday mean bigger aire deals than Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Tripplanning app Hopper predicts Tuesday will bring better aire deals than traditional deal days Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Gary W. Green / Orlando Sentinel / MCT

Estimated costs of roundtrip ticket prices for international destinations include to Beijing, China; to London; to Tokyo; and to Mexico City.

The airlines offer major discounts because travel demand tends to die down following Thanksgiving, a recent Hopper news release said. Most travelers have already booked their holiday aire, but havent started planning their winter getaways yet.

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You can download a free version of Hopper on theiTunes App Storeor theGoogle Play Store.

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For the last two years, company research shows that re sales jump on whatHopperis calling Travel Deal Tuesday. Last year, aire sales activity doubled on that day.

So whats the best way to cash in on Travel Deal Tuesday? Hopper recommends setting up Flex Watch on its app, which sends you a push notification when it finds the best deals on destinations and travel dates youre interested in.

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