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Sunday, 11 February, 2018

oveTravel DealrnmentPennsylvania lawmakers ce a courtordered deadline on Friday to submit a new congressional map.

Experts believe that relations between North and South Korea will return to business as usual once the games have ended.

The new billion spending deal only exacerbates the problem.

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The Trump administration is considering it harder for foreigners to get permanent residency if they or their Americanborn children use public benefits.

Sen. Lamar Alexander Trump should do for immigration what Nixon did for China

After years in politics, top Republican moderate ces Trumps chaos with calm

Lawmakers will e into the politically charged immigration battle as they struggle to strike a deal with President Trump. Read More

Doubtful of link between market selloff, Nunes memo Kudlow

You dont go from inflation being too low to it being a big problem overnight Ip

Larry Kudlow Trump hit the key points in State of the Union

Analysts say its a budget gimmick that exposes the central banks political vulnerability. Read More

For the Senate to hold a vote on the spending package Thursday, all senators must agree.

Rising rates could cause congestion in stocks Kudlow

Kushners firm would have had to reveal the identities of investors if the case had remained in Maryland federal court.

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Congress moved one step closer Friday to ending the second government shutdown in less than a month.

Kudlow America First triumphs in Davos with a new message of economic success

White House counsel Don McGahn long knew about claims against Rob Porter, according to The Washington Post. Read More

Sen. Lamar Alexander Roy Moore is a problem for the GOP majority

I think we will get this done. I feel good about it, Ryan says of a budget deal.

The account was different from reports that have emerged in this week. Read More

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North Koreas military parade hints at a key vulnerability in something critical to its ICBM force, say defense experts.

The bill paves the way for major military and domestic program spending increases.

The document is expected to challenge the central claims of last weeks incendiary GOP memo.

The budget deal passed by U.S lawmakers early on Friday sets the stage for a battle over immigration and who is to blame for exploding deficits.

We wish him well. He worked very hard, Trump said of Rob Porter, a former aide who resigned amid multiple allegations of domestic abuse.

Sen. Alexander pledges to work with Trump Lets give him a chance

Kelly is under scrutiny over the Rob Porter scandal, and Trump is reportedly asking aides about Mulvaney possibly becoming chief of staff.

The bill paves the way for major military and domestic program spending increases that critics say will swell a huge budget deficit.

Gary Cohn Trickledown is good for the economy

Times up on , years of recorded history. This is coming. This is real, Bannon tells Bloomberg.

Everything you need to know about the coming election