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Saturday, 10 March, 2018

In the past five years, Ive used these techniques to

CompaniesI work in the shion industry which requires some of our employees to travel often to Europe. Knowing that two needed to go to Milan in September for a leather show, I told them to book their tickets now Thank you for the tip and saving the company money. Keep them coming!!Rachel M.Saved

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Scott searches for cheap flights all day every day because he has no life.

NYC to Paris Normal Roundtrip Price Success Stories

Ashley S.Saved Thanks so much for the tip! My brother and I have been dying to do some exploring. Though life has separated us geographically, we knew we wanted to reunite via adventure. With your inside scoop, I was able to book two round trip tickets out of Boston from March ndth for a person! My brother is a geologist, Azores is heaven on earth.

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When an airline makes a mistake or offers a great sale, Scott finds it and emails you with instructions on how to book.

CouplesMy girlfriend and I booked LA to Barcelona next April for each. This is a great deal as we live in Anchorage and have a hard time getting around. I honestly could not believe these prices when you sent them. I always ask myself, whats the catch?. There really is none.Ryan C.Saved

StudentsI ended up booking the flight. It fell right under my spring break. Thank you!Amira I.Saved

SFO to Bali Normal Roundtrip Price ,Perfect For

Bucket ListsThanks so much for the tip. I just booked my flight. What an amazing deal! I couldnt pass on the opportunity. Iceland has been on my bucket list. I cant thank you enough! I also convinced my coworker to book the same flight.Stephanie M.Saved ,

FamiliesThanks for the tip! Just one day after upgrading to the premium list I booked a trip New York to Paris for per person. Since I have a mily of , the savings are huge! Now I can spend a whole week in Paris for less than the typical cost of aire.Jennifer F.Saved ,

Josh K.Saved Scott youre KILLIN me with these haha how can I not book this one?? So, just booked it and now Im going to Chile in a month. That is crazy cheap. I think technically its more expensive for me to stay home. Jeez how do they not catch mistakes like that Well, your premium email list has already paid for itself a million times over. Thanks sir!

Cheap International Flights Scotts Cheap Flights

Budget TravelThanks Scott, we love you. We can afford to travel now thanks to your flight alerts.Mike F.Saved ,

Stephanie A.Saved You have given me lots of should I go or not moments and this time I am going. I actually found tickets from SFO to Beijing for about for Thanksgiving which is great since I live in the Bay Area. It will be a quick trip but will check off another item on the bucket list hiking the Great Wall.Enter Email To Get Cheap Flight DealsJoin,cheap flight aficionados from around the worldHi there, Im Scottand Im addicted to cheap flights.Some people obsess over bacon. Other people keep up with the Kardashians.My obsession is finding cheap flights.Instead of dropping thousands of dollars I dont have on flights, Ive developed techniques to find the cheapest flights possible for any given route.

Deals are for cheap international flights only.

Ive also written two books about saving money on flights and been featured in dozens of publications around the world.

Special OccasionsI ended up booking a flight based on this info and email you sent last week about Bali I actually planned my whole Bachelorette trip because of the awesome price. Should be about of us on this great deal.Katherine A.Saved ,

You go on vacation for way less than you ever expected to spend on flights.

HoneymoonsMy wife and I have been trying to plan a belated honeymoon to Iceland This deal is perfect! We booked our trip from May . Thanks so much for all the useful info and tips!David J.Saved ,