NFL schedule Raiders have uglTravel Dealiest travel slate Panthers flying fewest miles

Saturday, 29 September, 2018

All of this is bad news for the Raiders, who will have to deal with three oneway flights of at least , miles in not including London. That number is tied with the Chargers for the most in the NFL this season. No other team in the league will have more than one game with that kind of travel.

Speaking of London, the Raiders might need a jumbo jet for the their flight to England because the total distance covered on that one round trip alone will be , miles. That means the Raiders will travel more for their one London game than theBills,,Jets,, Bengals ,, Falcons , and Panthers , will travel all season.

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Although flying is pretty glamorous these days, flights of over , miles still seem to have a negative effect on road teams. In the season period from , teams that traveled , miles or more for a road trip had a winning percentage of just ., accordingto . On the other hand, teams that traveled , miles or less for a road game had a winning percentage of ..

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So all of this obviously begs the question Is jet lag going to cause your vorite team to go winless on the road this year?

In all other road games for where the team didnt have to travel , miles teams went for a winning percentage of ., which is a full points better.

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So whats so magical about the ,mile mark?

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The Raiders will be traveling more miles in than the Panthers, Falcons and Bengals combined

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The third problem is, well, have you ever had airplane food?

Well, if youre on a ,mile flight, youre looking at roughly five hours in a plane, which isnt very exciting. The first problem is that you have to spend most of that time sitting. The second problem is that its basically impossible to sleep on a plane unless you have Ambien and well, I thinkwe all learned an important lesson about Ambienthis year.

Although NFL flights these days are catered with things like Angus beef hamburgers and steamed jasmine rice, the players arent picking the food, which means theyre eating things they might not like. I mean, just look at thePatriotsmenu for their flight to theSuper Bowl. I dont see any TBapproved foods on there. Did the person who planned that menu even readTom Bradysbook? Maybe thats why they lost.

NFL schedule Raiders have ugliest travel slate, Panthers flying fewest miles

The answer to that question is maybe, but only if they have a lengthy flight on their schedule.

Heres a look at each teams travel miles for the upcoming season. TheDolphinswill be traveling the most miles of any team that doesnt have an international trip this year.

The numbers were actually worse in for teams that had to take a long oneway flight to get to a game. Last season, road teams went . in games where they traveled , or more miles. London games dont count in this total, since both teams in London had to travel over , miles and therefore were basically on equal footing.

The Raiders will be traveling a total of , miles in , which is more than thePanthersFalconsandBengalswill travelcombinedin ,. The Raiders are the only team in the NFL this year that will travel more than , miles on the season.

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Note IIFollowing their Week game against the Browns, the Chargers are expected to travel from Cleveland to London for their Week game against Tennessee, instead of going back to L.A. That mileage has been taken into account.

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Dont feel sorry for the Raiders, though, because theyre not the only West Coast team that has to deal with the long flight to the UK. TheChargersandSeahawkswill also be taking the neverending flight from the left coast to England. As a matter of ct, the top five most traveled teams in will all be playing in London this year. The only team playing in London this season that didnt crack the top five in travel miles is theTitans, who will be traveling the thmost miles of any team in .

A big reason the Raiders will be racking up the frequent flier miles this year is because theyll be a total of nine trips, while most otherNFL teamswill only be eight. The Raiders have an extra trip this year thanks to the ct that they agreed to play a home game in London, which is basically on the other side of the world from Oakland.

Its almost fitting that Jon Gruden signeda million contractwith theRaidersthis year, because thats roughly how many miles his team will be traveling in . OK, thats an exaggeration, but thats probably what its going to feel like for the Raiders, who will be flying more miles this season than any other team in theNFL.

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NFL schedule Raiders have ugliest travel slate, Panthers flying fewest miles

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Road games where team travels more than , miles in parentheses

NoteThe home team in each international game will have traveled to a total of nine games in all other teams travel for eight games which means the home international teams will generally have a higher mileage total than most other teams.

The crazy thing is that these numbers basically hold up if you look back at the past few seasons. Over the past four years , teams that got stuck on a oneway flight of , miles or more for a road game had a winning percentage of just . . The winning percentage for all other road teams in that span was points better at . .

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Basically, being in a plane for five or more hours is a perfect recipe for disaster Your sleep schedule is thrown off, your eating schedule changes and your joints get stiff from sitting down for so long.

Its really too bad the Raiders dont have a plane that can fly at light speed because that would really cut down all the travel time theyre going to have this year. Al Davis definitely should have hammered out a deal for a lightspeed vehicle when he was hanging with Darth Vader a few years ago.